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At Covenant Christian High School, we train every student not only to understand the world from a Christian perspective, but also to engage that world and impact it for Christ. Covenant’s prayer is that our graduates will leave us having had their minds enlightened, their hearts inflamed, and their lives transformed.


At Covenant, we believe that a true and living faith is rightly and powerfully expressed through an enthusiastic and cohesive academic experience. Students delight in an examination of math, science, art, and the humanities as a single study of God and his creation. Further, we believe that an emerging worldview within a deepening faith helps to cultivate a love for Christ that serves the world.
At Covenant, the difference is we care about and educate the whole person. Of course we get them prepared academically, but we also get them ready for the challenges of all aspects of life: academic life, spiritual life, social life, relationships...Ready for College. Prepared for Life.

Our Graduates


Covenant values the whole student. Activities and clubs outside the classroom are an integral part of developing skills, heart, teamwork, and discipline. Club sponsors and team coaches are men and women who want to honor Christ with the love they have for their team or club and their students.
  • Academics at Covenant is about discovery and delight. We celebrate the unfolding reality of Christ as ‘the way, and the truth, and the life’ and joyfully explore the various wonders of His creation.

    David Trujillo
    Dean of Academics
  • The Arts at Covenant are all about the glory of God. The way we create, rehearse, and live in community with each other are all a part of expressing His story.

    Krista Shields
    Theatre Director
  • Our Student Life events are designed to build community, helping students practice the value of relationships in all contexts of life.

    Donnie Fishburn
    Dean of Students
  • Covenant athletics seeks to develop the whole person in our pursuit of excellence in the classroom, on the playing field, and in our community. Through it, we provide an opportunity to shape servant leaders and Christ followers.

    David Pfeifer
    Athletic Director
Being a student at Covenant is a journey in more ways than one. Friendships grow, insights are gained, knowledge of who you are in Christ is developed. Wherever you begin your Covenant journey, we will meet you and walk alongside you.

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