Subscribe to Covenant Events

Eventlink is Covenant’s new communication platform.  It will be used for all extracurricular activities including clubs and athletic teams, as well as text alerts for emergencies, delays, or closings. Parents and students will need to create an account with Eventlink and subscribe to the calendars of your choice, including activities which are pertinent to you. For example, if a student plays on an athletic team, the student and the parent would need to sign up for both the practice and game schedules. Once your phone and email are linked, you will be able to receive emails/text alerts from Covenant, the coach, or club sponsor regarding schedule changes and other miscellaneous items. Go to and follow these instructions to set up your account. (Complete steps 1-6 here. Don’t worry about step 7. ) Please complete your subscription as soon as possible so that you can receive updates and information on all Covenant events.

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