About Us

At Covenant Christian High School, we strive to train every student, not only to understand the world from a Christian perspective, but also to engage and impact it for Christ.  Covenant’s prayer is that it graduates will leave us having had their minds enlightened, their hearts inflamed, and their lives transformed.  

The Covenant Story

In the fall of 1995, fifteen families, one brave principal, seven part-time teachers, and an amazingly resourceful secretary heeded the call of the Lord to begin a Christian high school on the west side of Indianapolis. One year later, a local businessman and devoted grandfather recognized Covenant’s potential and made possible a beautiful $8 million facility.

The Lord proceeded to fill this building with the finest staff and promising students imaginable. Now Covenant Christian High School is fully accredited with a 370+ member student body, dedicated families, a diverse and talented faculty and staff, and a striking campus.