A Welcome from our Principal & CEO

It is my honor to serve this great learning community as its third Principal and CEO. Having been a classroom teacher, a coach for two sports, the drama director, the World Languages and Cultures Department Chair, the Academic Dean, and a relative of five Covenant graduates, I can attest to how special this place of becoming really is. I hope you will find it to be so.

Covenant exists because of Christ and His Kingdom. Our founders very intentionally placed the following words at our main entrance: “May all that happens in this building bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.” That means it is His school; we’re just its stewards. Our founders also placed quotes around our Commons from both Scripture and from Christian thinkers of various denominations, some of whom are known for spats over their respective traditions. But the unified, Gospel-centered wording of each selection cannot be argued against. All truth is His. Our founders also insisted that that same Gospel-unified pursuit of truth be led by a team of believers diverse in their backgrounds but wholly committed to the permeation of Scripture in their lives and in their academic subjects. Christ is preeminent, as hard as we may try to make our will His. 

As a Christ-centered learning community, our staff and faculty partner with families to follow Christ’s example of meeting students where they are, helping them to recognize that place as a starting point, and then challenging and guiding them to move forward in love of God and subsequent love of humankind. Together, we pursue excellence as a good and proper response to Christ, the unwavering standard of perfection to which we are called. We always fall short of His standard in our own humanness, yet we are adopted into His family by grace.

Being Christ-centered also means that we do not allow our often flawed arguments to take precedence over understanding and relationships. Instead, we commit to the hope and the flourishing for which we all long but may not always know how to express. 

Grounded on this foundation, we are committed to engaging all subjects through the lens of Christian worldview. As our robust, college preparatory curriculum affirms, Covenant’s students have the opportunity to seek truth and find their passion through a host of channels, uniquely offered in core classes, creative electives, a full array of advanced placement and dual credit courses, mission and academic trips, and career-exploring internships.

As you explore Covenant via our website, I invite you to take our virtual tour. Although we are not offering our traditional Open Houses or Shadow Days at this time, you can reach out to our Admissions Staff to schedule a personal tour on our campus. 

I look forward to welcoming you in person in the near future.

For the Kingdom,

Dr. Andy Goodwin
Principal and CEO

Our Mission

Covenant Christian High School is dedicated to providing an excellent, Christ-centered education, equipping students for a life of scholarship, leadership, and service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a model for 21st-century education. We will accomplish this through the preparation of students, participation in the educational, ecclesial, and cultural community and replication of the Covenant model. 

Our Verse

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.” (Romans 12:2)

Our Core Values

Truth: Revealed by God via Scripture and creation and received by faith for the renewing of minds

Relationships: Pursuit of knowing God and one another with loving respect, dignity & accountability

Engagement: Faithful interaction with our world through scholarship, leadership, and service

The Covenant Story

In the fall of 1995, fifteen families, one brave principal, seven part-time teachers, and an amazingly resourceful secretary heeded the call of the Lord to begin a Christian high school on the west side of Indianapolis. One year later, a local businessman and devoted grandfather recognized Covenant’s potential and made possible a beautiful $8 million facility.

The Lord proceeded to fill this building with the finest staff and promising students imaginable. Now Covenant Christian High School is fully accredited with a 370+ member student body, dedicated families, a diverse and talented faculty and staff, and a striking campus.