Hear what Alumni have to say about their J-Term internships.

Alumni Testimonials

During my junior year I applied for an internship at Aireborn Group/Recording Studios. This internship made me realize I wanted to spend the rest of my life surrounded by music. The following year, I interned as a productions assistant for “Hello, Dolly” at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra. I thank the Lord for Covenant Christian High School’s innovative experiences and academic community, for the talented teachers under whom I was privileged to study, and for the many musical connections He allowed me to establish before pursuing vocal performance at Anderson University. – Olivia Hacker, Class of 2012

My internship at the Rockville Road Animal Hospital not only opened my eyes to the ‘real’ world, but also allowed me to see the wonders of God’s handiwork through animals. It was truly a humbling experience that showed me there is more to God’s creation than I realized. This experience moved and inspired me to want to learn and experience more of the world that God has so graciously blessed us with. 
– Amanda Owen, Class of 2009

J-Term taught me the power of networking. A family friend offered to let me help out at his court reporting company, where I worked on a few light office tasks and sat in on a deposition. From there, he recommended me to a friend of his in the U.S. District Court Clerk’s Office. I’m entering my second year at Indiana University, Maurer School of Law, and I just finished a summer working for U.S. District Court Judge Sarah Evans Barker–invaluable legal experience rarely afforded to someone my age. And it all started with J-Term! 
 Steve Henke, Class of 2008

During J-Term at Covenant I had the privilege of observing both clinical and surgical rotations with the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital. This incredible experience provided me with the confidence and networking necessary to obtain future internships with other Indy area hospitals. I am truly thankful for this unique opportunity Covenant provided, because it has fueled my desire to pursue a future medical career within my community. – Stuart Creasey, Class of 2010

Internship Options


Students may choose any of the following Internship options: 

  1. Full Internship – 40 hours completed at one location
  2. Split Internship – 40 hours completed at multiple locations
  3. Half-day Internship – 20 hours of morning or afternoon internship with a J-term class during the other half of the school day
Internship Eligibility Requirements
  1. Junior or Senior
  2. On track to graduate (no classes to make up)
  3. 2.0 GPA or above
  4. Passing all classes at midterm and end of first semester
  5. Good attendance record

Internship Schedule

All documents will be submitted online.

  • September – Student contacts host to secure internship. See Canvas course for a sample email
  • October 19 – Internship Application due with host contact information and internship hours
  • November 9 – Internship Coordinators will email acceptance/rejection to intern applicants
  • November 9 – Internship Coordinators will email hosts with confirmation and guidelines
  • December 6, 11, 13 – Internship Training in Library (attendance at one training session required)
    • Option 1: December 6 during SRT from 10-10:30am
    • Option 2: December 11  after school from 3:30-4pm
    • Option 3: December 13 after school from 3:30-4pm
  • January 7-17 – Interns complete internship hours with hosts
  • January 18 – Internship Debrief in Library (attendance at one training session required)
    • Juniors: January 18 from 9-10:30am
    • Seniors: January 18 from 1-2:30pm


Top Ten Internship Guidelines

Students should reference the Canvas J-Term Internship course for full details and eligibility requirements.

  1. Students who do not submit an application by the deadline will be placed in J-term classes.
  2. Students may not intern with an immediate family member.
  3. Internships show up on student transcripts as Pass/Fail and count as 1 credit.
  4. Students must not be paid for their internship and need to work at their host site for a minimum of 40 hours over the two weeks of J-term. Travel time and lunch are not included unless it is considered part of the work day.
  5. Interns must attend the Internship Training and the Internship Debrief at Covenant.
  6. Students must work all 9 days for approximately 5 hours per day. Exceptions may be made to accommodate special schedules of hosts.
  7. All insurance is the responsibility of the parents/guardians.
  8. Transportation to and from the workplace is the responsibility of the intern and his/her family.
  9. Students will be expected to track their hours and respond to the questions posted on the Canvas class.
  10. Students are expected to follow the rules and requirements for each job site. Interns should discuss proper dress code and other expectations with their host mentor.