Frequently Asked Questions


What is our enrollment and nondiscrimination policy?

Covenant has adopted an open enrollment policy, welcoming all students and families who are open to the Christian faith, but not requiring a membership in any denomination or church. Nor do we require that the student is able to articulate a full understanding of their faith. All interested families should complete the application process and meet with the Dean of Students for an interview to be considered for acceptance to the school.

Covenant welcomes students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available to students at Covenant. The school does not and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its admission policies.

What is the actual cost of a Covenant Christian High School education?

The actual cost for your family may vary depending upon financial need. For the 2019-2020 school year, the full academic cost is $12,200. Students and families are also responsible for incidental charges related to additional academic, athletic and extracurricular activities, in which they choose to participate. Finance fees apply depending on the payment plan selected.

What is need-based assistance?

Tuition assistance, in the form of a tuition discount, may be offered to families who are able to demonstrate they need financial help to offset the cost of a Covenant education. Assistance may consist of funds from the Indiana Choice Scholarship program, qualified scholarship-granting organizations (SGOs), or other privately funded gifts, subject to student eligibility.

Who can apply for need-based assistance?

Any family that has a student entering grades 9-12 is eligible to apply for need-based tuition assistance.

How does a family apply for need-based assistance?

Covenant uses a third-party service provider, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, to review families’ financial information and make recommendations regarding assistance. A family begins by completing an application for tuition assistance online with FACTS. Families can begin applying on October 15 for the following school year.

How is financial need determined? Who is eligible?

The need is determined by calculating the difference between the total cost of education and the family’s ability to pay. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment sends Covenant a Report of Family Contribution (RFC), which makes a recommendation about a family’s ability to pay. Awards are determined on an individual case basis by the Financial Aid Committee. All information is kept confidential. Funds are limited, and it is impossible for Covenant to meet the full need of every family. In fact, we feel it is important that all families have some financial “skin in the game.” Consequently, we offer no “full ride” tuition discounts. Every family will be responsible for a portion of our full academic costs plus all selective incidentals. Eligibility for tuition assistance is based on many factors; therefore, we encourage families to explore the tuition assistance application process, if they think they might not be able to fully afford the cost of attendance.

Are need-based tuition assistance awards automatically renewed each year?

No. Since financial situations can change from year to year, and since the school’s tuition assistance budget can vary from year to year, it is necessary for families to reapply each year.

How much aid would I qualify for?

We don’t have a simple formula that answers this ultimate question. Because we are committed to understanding your financial situation from a comprehensive point of view, we resist publishing absolute ratios. We understand that today’s income is not the sum and essence of your situation. Many variables could have already impacted your financial life or may still be relevant (past job loss, extended family obligations, unusual medical expenses, real estate transactions, etc.). Accordingly, we encourage everyone who feels they can’t afford the tuition to apply. We realize that many will never be able to afford the full price, and that some may be going through a temporary downturn financially. We strive to support families in these situations. Consequently, if you have a need, we encourage you to apply for financial assistance.

I have reviewed the online aid application process through FACTS, but how can we communicate our unique situation that doesn't fit in boxes and numbers?

We always welcome personalized explanations. Just send a letter or email directly to, and it will be included in the final consideration by the Financial Aid Committee. We understand every family situation is different.

Is merit-based assistance available?

Covenant offers merit-based assistance to students determined by certain achievements and circumstances. Click here to review a summary of those criteria. If you believe your student may qualify for a merit-based award or have further questions, please contact

Are scholarships available in addition to financial assistance?

Yes. Both need-based and merit-based scholarships are available. Students must apply each year for consideration. Click here to review our scholarship offerings.

In the case of parents who are divorced or separated, who should complete the tuition assistance application?

Ultimately, Covenant requires court documentation indicating which party or parties are responsible for the student’s educational expenses. The household of each “financially responsible” parent must apply for tuition assistance by completing the application online at FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. If only one parent will have financial responsibility for payments to the school, then only that household need apply for tuition assistance.

When will the tuition assistance be awarded?

Award letters will be sent beginning March 1 and then every week for completed applications that have been verified by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. The student must be accepted for the upcoming school year before financial assistance is awarded.

Does Covenant help those families with more than one child enrolled?

Absolutely. If a family feels they have a need, we encourage them to participate in our financial assistance program. If a family does not receive financial assistance, a $650 discount is given for the second child enrolled at Covenant and a $1000 discount for the third child.

How is my confidential family information handled?

Covenant cares deeply about respecting your privacy. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, our third-party provider, is a reputable firm that provides the initial evaluation step. FACTS serves private and faith-based schools nationwide and has a confidential and reliable process. After FACTS finishes their evaluation of your application and tax forms, they send us a recommendation for an award. Our Financial Aid Committee reviews the FACTS recommendation and any additional information that you have provided directly to Covenant. Your family financial information or aid award amounts are confidentially maintained within the confines of our business office.

Is it important to get my application in early?

Yes. Each year a financial assistance budget is established by the Board of Directors. Covenant will continue to award financial assistance until the budgeted amount has been reached. February 15 is the “early bird” deadline for returning families, after which a 20% reduction in private financial aid will be implemented. The final application deadline for returning families is April 15. New families will not experience a 20% reduction after February 15 and can continue to apply after the April 15 deadline but are still subject to potential budget constraints. Early submission is important, because your application will be time-stamped upon completion and placed into a priority queue for consideration.

Is Christian education and Covenant Christian High School really worth it?

God has entrusted all of us with financial resources. Some more, some less than others. But, we believe that there are few things more important than our children’s education. Christian education has eternal significance. Covenant Christian High School is prepared to partner with you.

What is the Volunteer Work Study program?

The Volunteer Work Study program (VWS) is a component of Covenant’s need-based financial assistance program. The first $1,000 of a family’s need-based assistance award is in the form of a $1,000 tuition credit in exchange for 100 volunteer hours served at the school. You must apply for and be awarded need-based financial aid in order to participate in VWS. The program’s operating details will be provided with your award letter and during annual training sessions at the beginning of the school year.


What are the school hours?

Our first bell rings at 8:25am to begin the school day. Dismissal occurs at 3:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. We have an early dismissal on Wednesday at 3:00pm. The building is officially opened at 6:30am on school days and is closed at 5:30pm, unless there are evening activities taking place.

Is Covenant accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International, AdvanceEd, and the Indiana Department of Education.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, Covenant expects and enforces a basic understanding of modest dress for all students. There are a few general rules in the student handbook to help students learn how to dress appropriately within many freedoms. We do not require uniforms.

Do you offer bus service?

No, however many of our families carpool. For any questions regarding the Covenant Shuttle please contact

Will my student need a laptop?

Yes, Covenant is a 1:1 technology school meaning that all students must bring their own Personal Educational Device (PED), such as a laptop, netbook, or tablet. See our website here for more information.

What if my student needs learning assistance?

Covenant has an academic team devoted to supporting all of our students. We work closely with Wayne Township for any student with an Individualized Student Plan (ISP). We also have an on-staff Resource Coach providing support with students requiring additional assistance.

What is the student/teacher ratio?

Our current student/teacher ratio is 12:1.

What if I have more questions?

Please submit your questions and concerns to



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