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Since the beginning of Covenant in 1995, the international program has been an integral part of the school. 


Covenant offers twelve extracurricular clubs for students.


The faculty and staff at Covenant are here to support students through difficult  emotional times or concerns.


Covenant’s LMC  participates in the Indianapolis Public Library Shared System. 


Basic technology help for students and parents is available here.

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Student Survival Kit

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Family Handbook

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Work Study

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Medical Forms

Prescription Medication and Hold Harmless Release

Non-prescription Medication Instructions and Permission

Event and Traditions

Covenant has some amazing traditions and events. What are the things our students love? We asked.

  • Powder Puff (fall Spirit Week)
  • Hallway Decorating (fall Spirit Week)
  • J-Term (January)
  • Grandparents Day (September)
  • Dodgeball Tourney (spring Spirit Week)
  • Covenant Christmas
  • Gone Servin’ (spring)
  • Student Section for Covenant Athletics



Student Publications

Each year, our Student Publications class captures events and moments from the year and publishes:

  • Yearbook
  • The Veritas (magazine and newspaper)
  • Videos
  • Social Media (@cchsindy)


January Term is an annual two-week experience after Christmas break that offers students unique educational opportunities through classesinternships, and trips that include:

  • Reflections on faith and learning
  • Aesthetic or kinesthetic learning
  • Application of academic principles
  • Student collaboration
  • Interdisciplinary exploration
  • Creative problem solving
  • Differentiated learning
  • Contemplative and specialized study

Find out more about Covenant J-Term.

I just want to be able to build a bond with all of my teammates and leave an impact on them as captain.

Austin AndersonClass of 2019